About Us

Our Company's beginning traces back to the Stearns Motor Sales Company formed in 1921. The original founders were prominent persons in the finance, banking, iron and steel industry of that time. In 1925, a franchise for Nash Automobiles was obtained and the Company's name was changed to the Nash Youngstown Company. The local Buick dealer (Mahoning Buick Company) went bankrupt and the Company obtained the Buick franchise from General Motors in 1931. "The Buick Youngstown Company" was created, and the new location of operation was 1021 Wick Avenue. The Company operated as an automobile dealership selling more and more Buick's each year as the disastrous times of the Depression faded away.

When World War II erupted, auto production was halted and the Company began to manufacture War material, not only on the premises at Wick Avenue, but also in buildings around the area. Tank parts were cut and formed. Military vehicles were brought back from African and Italian Companies and repaired in anticipation of sending them to the Pacific.

In 1969, Buick Youngstown's original showroom was demolished and a new one was erected with a larger Service Department. These facilities served the Company well until 1986, when a new Buick Youngstown facility was built on Market Street in Boardman, Ohio, to better meet the needs of out growing Dealership. Our operations in Boardman include over 50,000 square feet of Sales, Service and Office Space situated on 20 acres of land. Always focused on the Customer, we have been willing to change to meet the demands and lifestyles of our Customers. This was demonstrated by the addition of the GMC Truck franchise in 1987, Pontiac franchise in 1996, and the Chevrolet franchise in 2004.

Although Sweeney Chevrolet opened for business in September of 2004, the Sweeney family's Chevrolet roots extend much deeper. State Chevrolet was founded by Arthur J. Sweeney on Wick Avenue in 1955, and was the beginning of a 43 year heritage which continued until September 1998.

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