The 2014 Silverado logged almost 12.5 million miles of testing

October 28th, 2013 by

The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado saw over 12.5 million miles of testing and owners are reaping the benefits. Testing ranged from the scorching deserts of Yuma, Arizona to the sub-zero of the Tundra in Kapuskasing, Ontario. Don’t forget that the 2014 Silverado also had to survive the grueling conditions of the Milford Proving Ground in Milford, Michigan. When it was all said and done those thousands of hours amounted to over 4 million miles in testing! Additionally a fleet of test vehicles racked up another 8.2 million miles of real world use.

In many of the tests, the trucks were loaded to the vehicle’s gross even though most Silverado customers won’t ever need the truck to perform in these demanding conditions. Testing literally took place all over the world! Validation and Durability testing took place in Silao, Mexico, Fort Wayne, Indiana in addition to the testing we already mentioned in Yuma and Kapuskasing. The 2014 Silverado also conquered the Belgian Blocks to test its mettle by splashing through the off-road-simulating grit trough, climbing and descending a 30 percent grade and driving at super high speeds.

Thanks to the testing that took place, the following key improvements were made to the 2014 Silverado:

  • A frame formed from high-strength steel to ensure it won’t crack, even when loaded to full capacity in the Tundra.
  • New Four-wheel-disc brake system with Duralife brake rotors that offer up to double the service life, along with brake tuning that improve pedal feel so you’re more confident braking on any surface. Including these Youngstown roads during the winter!
  • Anti-chip coating on the lower body for extra protection from stones or gravel.

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