Happy Birthday to the 2014 Buick Regal!

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Happy belated birthday to the Buick Regal! The Regal has come a long way from what it was when it first rolled of the line in 1973. Lets take a look back at how the regal has evolved over the years.

In 1973 The “Century Regal” as it was called, served as the premium model in the Century line and also one of GM’s first personal luxury cars. The 1973 Buick Century Regal was designed with a sporty suspension and luxuries that were aimed at the driver. The ’73 Regal sold over 91,500 units.

A few short years later, beginning in 1978, Buick became the leader in turbocharging for better fuel economy. This expertise would be used in created what would go on to be recognized as some of the most powerful and significant cars of the 80’s!

Through four enduring decades, the Regal still carries on its sweeping design, dynamic driving experience and powertrain leadership. Today’s Buick Regal is still equipped with a powerful standard engine: a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder that produces 259 horsepower. Today’s 5th generation Buick Regal is also available with an advanced all-wheel drive system, limited-slip differential and HiPer Strut front suspension!

However, Buick hasn’t forgotten about the original purpose of making that large engine, to make sure they were efficient. The Regal can also come with a 2.4L engine with eAssist that delivers 36 mpg on the highway.

Take a look back over the 5 generations of Buick Regals and see for youself just how much the brand has changed!

Generation 1 – 1973 to 1977:

The first generation of Regal came with large swooping body lines and opera windows. It also came complete with an efficient V-6 engine. Take a look at the photo above to see what the original Buick Regal looked like.

Generation 2 – 1978 to 1987:

The second generation of Buick Regals saw some major changes. The car was downsized and the first mainstream turbocharged 3.8L turbocharged V6.

Generation 3 – 1988 to 1996:

The third generation saw another scale down. The new generation of Buick Regal also featured FWD and an award winning 3800 V6.

Generation 4 – 1997 to 2004:

Generation 4 of the Buick Regal saw some of the biggest changes of any of the generations past. It again became the top of the line version of the Buick Century. The Regal GS also debuted and unveiled the first ever supercharged V6, that put out 240 horsepower and 280 foot pounds of torque.

2005-2008 saw a brief production hiatus.

Generation 5 – 2009 to present:

2009 saw the return of the Buick Regal. This 5th Generation of Regal has become what we think of today when we someone says “Regal”. Some major highlights include the return of the dynamically optimized. high output Buick Regal GS which returned in 2012. In ’13 and ’14 Buick reintroduced all wheel drive versions. The 5th Generation Buick Regal now combines sport sedan handling with power-dense and technically advanced engines. It is now the flag ship for young buyers!

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