Where to recycle batteries in Youngstown, OH

September 23rd, 2022 by

The question of where to recycle batteries in Youngstown, Ohio, often comes up here at Sweeney Chevrolet. We understand that our customers are environmentally conscious consumers who care about the planet. If you’re wondering where to recycle your car’s old battery, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of places you can go to recycle car batteries in the area to make being eco-conscious a little easier for you.

How Are Batteries Recycled?

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Batteries of all types are recyclable. The recycling process varies depending on the type of battery. Because car batteries contain lead acid, they’re one of the most difficult to recycle yet have one of the highest consumer recycling rates. According to Ohio state law, disposing of lead-acid batteries in solid or hazardous waste landfills is prohibited. In most cases, the parts of the recycled batteries are cleaned and then melted together based on type. This ensures that all the acids are neutralized, properly cleaned, and tested to meet clean water standards.

Manufacturers will often use recycled battery parts to make brand-new batteries. This starts the process all over again.

What Are the Benefits of Recycling Batteries?

If you do any research, you’ll find plenty of information on the many benefits of recycling old batteries. One financial benefit is that you can earn some money. Scrap collectors and recycling companies understand the value of the materials that comprise your batteries. They’re willing to pay you for these materials. Of course, the amount you can get will depend on the type of battery, the number of batteries, and the current market value for its materials.

Other things to consider when searching for battery recycling locations include the following:

  • You’re promoting reusing materials: Every time you take something to be recycled, you demonstrate to companies that you care about the environment and how they treat it. By recycling batteries, you can show that you want to handle dangerous waste as safely as possible.
  • You’re conserving raw materials and resources: The raw-earth materials mined to make batteries can be dangerous to extract for many reasons. They pose challenges to humans and the environment, so the more we recycle our batteries and reuse the materials they’re made of, the less harm we do overall.
  • You’re keeping hazardous materials out of landfills: When batteries are recycled, the materials they’re made of don’t go into landfills. They’re recycled and reused to create new batteries.
  • You’re following the law: Batteries can pose many risks If not handled properly. This is why many state and federal regulations prohibit improperly disposing of batteries. Check the laws in your area to ensure you’re disposing of each different battery type appropriately.

Where Are the Battery Recycling Locations in Youngstown, Ohio?

Those who want to get rid of their old car batteries in Youngstown responsibly have a couple of options. Because the law requires lead-acid batteries to be disposed of properly, most retailers will recycle them for you. There’s also a special day you can look into for additional information on battery recycling. Here’s more about where to recycle batteries in Youngstown:

Auto Parts Stores

Whether you’re purchasing a new battery or just trying to recycle an old one you found lying around, auto parts stores in Youngstown can help you out. All AutoZone, Advanced Auto Parts, or O’Reilly locations are set up to take your lead-acid batteries. If you plan on purchasing a new battery from one of these locations, they’ll provide you with a core charge, which lowers the total battery purchase price. Otherwise, you’ll receive store credit you can use toward the purchase of something else you might need.

Interstate Battery

You can satisfy all your battery recycling needs at Interstate Battery in Youngstown. As America’s number one battery recycling company, you can take any battery to Interstate to be recycled responsibly. They’ll take lead-acid batteries and all other household and industrial batteries, making this a one-stop shop for all your battery recycling needs. As an additional convenience, you can find just about any variety of battery you’re looking for, so pick up your replacement while you’re here with the old one. This ensures you get the right battery to power whatever it is you need to power.

Green Team Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

The Green Team of Mahoning County proudly offers free recycling to the residents who live here, including the people of Youngstown. Along with free household item recycling, they host a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day at least once a year, depending on their budget. Residents can bring items like lead-acid batteries, automotive chemicals and fluids, gasoline, used motor oil, and more to specified locations during this event. You can check the website to find out when this event is held, as the time varies.

Tips for Recycling Batteries

When searching for places to recycle your batteries in the Youngstown, Ohio, area, use these helpful tips:

  • Before heading out, confirm the operating hours of the business where you want to take your old batteries, as the business usually has to be open to accept recyclables.
  • Call the business to ask about the types of batteries they can recycle at their location.
  • Learn what materials are in the batteries you’re recycling to help you find a location that can meet your needs.
  • Understand that not all batteries are handled the same way when recycling, so ensure you responsibly dispose of your battery type.

If you’re unsure whether it’s time to get your car a new battery, bring it to the service department at Sweeney Chevrolet. Our service technicians can test your battery for free and will let you know if it provides adequate power to all your vehicle’s systems. We can also help you get the correct new battery that’s right for your car. In addition, we can take your old battery off your hands and ensure it is properly recycled, giving you just one more reason to see us for all your automotive needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.