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Chevy Wi-Fi ǀ Youngstown, OH

Great Connectivity in Chevrolet Vehicles!

Chevrolet was the first car company to bring built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi1 to cars, trucks, and crossovers.  With access to available 4G LTE with Wi-Fi1, you’ll have a wireless connection no matter where you go, so you don’t have to choose between wandering and staying connected.  When your vehicle is running, you’ll have a more powerful connection than a typical smartphone or a mobile hotspot.  This fast and reliable connection also doesn’t rely on your mobile device’s battery, so you’ll have your phone charged up when you need it.  Once you complete an initial set up, it’s easy to connect up to seven devices to the internet, so your vehicle’s mobile hotspot will give you flexibility to stay on the go and stay connect to work and friends.

As the ultimate Wi-Fi hotspot, you can access the available OnStar 4G LTE Wi-Fi’s1 great signal quality and bandwidth whenever the vehicle is on.  This will provide you with a better in-vehicle experience, with better connection than your smartphone.  The AT&T built-in data is the most powerful and reliable data plan of any car company.  With a stronger signal, you’ll get a fast, reliable connection for up to seven devices, and this signal is accessible up to fifty feet away from the vehicle.  Whether your passengers want to be entertained on the road or you want to check your email at pit stop, this connection makes it easy to stream audio, check social media, and access plenty of online applications. 

Chevrolet knows that it’s important for your Wi-Fi connection to be reliable.  The roof-mounted antenna delivers a more reliable internet connection than even your smartphone or mobile hotspot can provide.  After an initial set-up, your devices can even be set to automatically connect every time you step into your car.  You’ll also get the most powerful OnStar connection ever and a more powerful built-in data connection from any automaker.  You and your passengers can enjoy the convenience of staying connected, which means any commute can be more productive and any road trip can be more fun.  Your passengers can stream music, movies, and more, and you can receive messages even when you’re away from your desk.  At Sweeney Chevrolet, you can take a seat in the cabin on one of the many Chevy vehicles in Youngstown, OH, that offer this impressive 4G LTE Wi-Fi1Schedule a test drive today, and see this amazing feature for yourself.    

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[1] Devices must be WPA2 compliant with active OnStar service and data plan.  Wi-Fi devices manufactured prior to 2006 may not be compatible.  Please consult your device manufacturer for information regarding the WPA2 security protocol and Wi-Fi device compatibility.  Visit onstar.com for vehicle availability, details and system limitations.  Services and connectivity may vary by model and conditions.  4G LTE service available in select markets.  Some services require a data plan.  Vehicle must be started or in accessory mode.