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Lordstown Solar Panels near Youngstown, OH

See How General Motors is Making a Big Difference

Tens of thousands of motorists drive past the GM Lordstown Assembly Plant every day on the Ohio Turnpike (I-80), but not many of them know how special this particular plant is. In addition to being home to the Chevy Cruze, GM’s best-selling car, and the largest and most productive GM plant in North America, it has yet another accomplishment to add. The GM Lordstown Assembly Plant is home to GM’s biggest solar panel installation to date. And not only is it the biggest installation in North America, but it’s the largest in the entire Western Hemisphere. Take a look next time you drive by to see the Lordstown Solar Panels near Youngstown, OH.

General Motors was recently named a “Solar Champion” by the Solar Energy Industries Assocation®, meaning they have increased their solar capacity by 48 percent from the previous year. Some may not be aware, but this isn’t the only solar panel installation in Ohio. The General Motors Toledo Transmission facility in Northwestern Ohio, which was just recently completed, contains a 1.8 megawatt solar array. This is the largest rooftop solar array in the state, and produces an impressive amount of energy. It soaks up enough sun to power 149 households in the U.S. for a year!

Located near Sweeney Chevrolet, the General Motors Lordstown solar panels near Youngstown, OH, installed a 2.2 megawatt solar array. The amount of energy generated by this ground-mounted configuration, which contains 8,500 solar panels, will be able to power 1.5 percent of the Assembly Plant. The power they’re generating themselves keeps 1,993 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the Earth’s atmosphere. This is equal to 1,634 acres of forest, which take in that same amount of carbon dioxide.

Not only does this help put both Lordstown and Youngstown on the map, but the installation is made possible by Solar FlexRack, which his based in Youngstown, OH. If you’ve seen any solar panels in the great state of Ohio, there’s a good chance Solar FlexRack is the company behind it. They’re closing in a landmark as well, having completed almost one gigawatt in solar installations across North America. That’s one billion watts!

Sweeney Chevrolet is honored to be a General Motors dealer, but when you see the strides that GM is making to not only reduce costs, but to do their part to help save the environment, we should all be proud. For more information about the Lordstown Solar Panels near Youngstown, OH, or if you have any questions regarding a Chevrolet, you can visit our new-vehicle showroom at 8010 Market Street in Youngstown, OH, 44512. You can also keep up with the latest information about our Chevy products with the Sweeney Chevrolet Blog, or view our new vehicle specials.


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