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Available Warranties


Did you know that when you buy a vehicle, for most people it's the 2nd largest investment you will ever make? That's why, we want you to feel peace of mind knowing your new or used vehicle is protected with the proper warranties. Whether its SmartLease Protect, Major Guard or any of the other warranties offered by our dealership, you'll be taken care of. These warranties are minimal in cost, and if you enroll in them at the time of your purchase you can roll the costs right into your monthly payments!


Take a look at some of the programs we offer:


GM Protection Plan: Also known as Major Guard, this warranty is offered through Ally Bank. You handle the driving, this warranty handles everything else. It is specifically designed to cover costly parts and labor expenses on both new and used vehicles and is honored by all GM dealerships across the US and Canada. 


So what's covered? Basically everything including the Engine, Heating & Cooling, Braking, Electrical, Computer, Technology, Safety, Fuel System, Transmission, Steering, Suspension and Drive System.


However, coverage doesn't end there. When you buy into the GM Protection Plan, you'll receive 24 hour road side assistance to change flat tires, battery jumps, lock outs and out of gas deliveries. It even covers your towing! You'll also receive Alternate Transportation. This means that when your vehicle is not drivable and must be kept overnight you'll receive an alternate form of transporation! The GM Protection Plan also covered trip interruption. This means that unplanned expenses like hotels and restaurants are covered if covered components of your vehicle fail and it has to be kept overnight. 


As comprehensive as the GM Protection Plan is, there are some limitations. These include:

-Tires and brake drums
-Body parts, paint, trim and moldings
-Glass, lenses, sealed beams and light bulbs

-Routine maintenance like oil changes, tune-ups, wipers and suspension alignments (unless required in connection with a covered part.


For complete limitation information and program details, click here: gmprotectionplan.com/majorguard.html


SmartLease Protect: Imagine this: You're in the grocery store shopping, you come out and your vehicle has a huge scratch mark from a shopping car. In addition to this being an eye sore, did you know that at the end of your lease you can be responsible for these damages? Just like a purchased vehicle, leased vehicles experience everyday wear and tear and while your leasing company will understand normal wear and tear, there are fees for what they deem excessive. However, customers who invest in SmartLease receive the following covereages:


-Excess wear charges up to $5,000.00

-$0.00 deductible

-Single incidents with a value less than $1,000 are covered

-Missing equipment and parts with a value of less than $100 (per part).

-In vehicles driven an average of over 25,000 miles/year, 50% of excess wear charges, up to $2,5000 will be waived.


SmartLease is available on contracts of 12 to 48 months.



Gap Care Advantage: Often just called GAP or GAP Insurance, this policy covers you in the event you owe more on your vehicle than your insurance company will pay if its totaled. Did you know that in these exact situation, you are still responsible for the difference? That means you could potentially be paying on a vehicle that you can't drive! 


Also covered by this policy, is up to $1,000 of your total deductible on a totaled vehicle. 



Tire and Wheel Coverage: Did you know that under most warranties, both manufactuer and purchased, tires and wheels usually aren't covered?


With Tire and Wheel Protection, you're protected from common road hazards including potholes, metal, nails, glass and debris!


You're also covered with no deductible for: 

-Tires and Mounting
-Valve Stems

-Sales Tax


-Labor Charges


When you replace your tires, your new tires are automatically covered too!


Did you already purchase a new vehicle and opt out of these coverages? It might not be too late to purchase them! To find out more about these policies, and how you can apply them to your vehicle, use the form below to contact us!